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Ministry Contact Tel Email Official Website Socal Media
The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development +232 780 22 276 mo.ipcsconsultancy@gmail.com http://mofed.gov.sl/
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation http://foreignaffairs.gov.sl
Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development http://mlgrd.gov.sl
Ministry of Justice and Attorney-General
Ministry of Information and Communications http://mic.gov.sl
Ministry of Political and Public Affairs
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology http://www.education.gov.sl
Ministry of Works, Housing and Infrastructure
Ministry of Energy http://www.energy.gov.sl
Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources
Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children's Affairs http://mswgca.gov.sl/Home/
Ministry of Transport and Aviation http://mta.gov.sl
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Food Security +232 78 022 276 mo.ipcsconsultancy.com http://maffs.gov.sl
Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources http://mfmr.gov.sl
Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs
Ministry of Lands, Country Planning & the Environment
Ministry of Sports
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Ministry of Health & Sanitation +23278849998 tunis@health.gov.sl http://health.gov.sl/
Ministry of Youth Affairs
Ministry of Water Resources
Ministry of Defence http://www.mod.gov.sl
Ministry of Labour and Social Security
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of State, Office of the Vice-President
Resident Ministry, East
Resident Ministry, South
Resident Ministry, North
Office of the Administrator and Registrar General http://www.oarg.gov.sl/
The National Revenue Authority http://nra.gov.sl/