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Information Minister outlines Sierra Leone’s ICT progress

Hon. Sheka Tarawalie, the Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, has revealed that Sierra Leone is now just a stone throw away from joining the international fiber experience of modern nations.

He said that “the country’s development is not only limited to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector, but is being reflected in all other major sectors, including energy, agriculture and infrastructure”.

He made this statement at an extraordinary meeting of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO) in Gaborone, Botswana.

Minister Tarawalie noted, “The fact that this distinguished organization is confident to have us host its members is a clear manifestation of the faith you have in the work we are doing in the telecoms industry.”

He went on to elaborate that the reintroduction of railway services, though exclusively commercial at the moment is remarkable in itself. And the government’s strong partnership with the private sector will greatly assist the ICT sector in interconnecting the country.

The Chief Executive Officer of the CTO, Professor Tim Unwin commended the Ministry of Information and the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM) in their efforts to improve the telecoms sector in Sierra Leone.

Meanwhile, Botswana’s Minister of Transport and Communications, Hon. Nonofe E. Molefhi, who said he had visited Sierra Leone in the early 90s, was pleased with the good news coming from the country.

He personalized his love for Sierra Leone by revealing that “even my tailor is from Sierra Leone. Even this suit I am wearing was sown by my Sierra Leonean tailor,” to rapturous applause.