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Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Company +232 780 22 276 mo.ipcsconsultancy@gmail.com http://slpmc.sl
Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) +232 780 22 276 mo.ipcsconsultancy@gmail.com http://ipcsconsultancy.com
Audit Service Sierra Leone +232 780 22 276 peter@ipcs.com http://ipcs.com
National Revenue Authority (NRA) http://www.nra.gov.sl
National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) http://nassitsl.org
Office of the Administrator & Registra General http://www.oarg.gov.sl
Public Service Commission of Sierra Leone PSC) http://psc.gov.sl
National Minerals Agency (NMA) http://www.nma.gov.sl/home/
National Telecommunications (NATCOM) http://natcom.gov.sl
SALCAB - Sierra Leone Cabling http://salcab.com
SALPOST http://salpost.sl
Public Sector Reform Unit http://psru.gov.sl
Open Government Initiave Sierra Leone (OGI) http://www.ogi.gov.sl
Open Gevernment Data http://opendata.gov.sl
Sierra Leone Police http://police.gov.sl